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Public Adjuster Testimonials

TJM Consulting, LLC

Had a sewer pipe break causing water damage in my basement. I settled with my insurance company and they allowed me enough to break the wall down to get to the pipe. I got a check for $1,200 and the repair cost $5,000. I accepted the check figuring it offset some of my loss. Several months later my family was sick from the mold and mildew caused by the sewer pipe leak. These guys came in and assessed my loss and not only got them to pay for the mold damage but to pay to replace my rugs and paneling from my previous loss. I went from collecting $1,200 to collecting $13,000. What more can I say.

Joe D.
Brigantine, NJ

I received $800 for damages I had to my roof, siding and front porch. We had a terrible storm that practically torn my house apart. I accepted the check thinking it was better than nothing. Then my wife told me her friends husband was a public adjuster and may be able to help us. What did I have to lose. I called TJM Consulting and an adjuster came right out.  He looked over the damages and reopened my claim. It took about 3 months but Joe got me over $15,000 back. I can’t believe my insurance company took advantage of me like that. Thank you Joe and TJM Consulting.

Charles B.
Marlton, NJ

I decided to get one of those free policy reviews about a year ago. Frank came out and looked over my policy and told me that I was properly insured. He noticed that I had a sump pump in my basement and that it was constantly going off. He told me to get a battery back up for it in case of a power failure and also contact my insurance carrier and get a rider to cover the sump pump failure. Don’t you know about 8 months later we get a powerful storm that knocks out our power. (Of course I never got the battery backup) My basement floods and causes lots of damage. I call Frank up again this time to handle the claim and boy was I happy I got that rider. It covered my losses completely.  I guess I got very lucky. 

Denise G
Hamilton, NJ

Shortly after moving into my home I noticed water leaking down the dining room wall and onto the floor. I contacted a plumber and traced the leak to a pipe that was under my bath tub.  I called the insurance company and they told me the damage was not significant enough to submit a claim.  I contacted Frank from TJM Consulting who came out and did a complete review of my insurance policy and the damage. He had estimates prepared for the repair and contacted my insurance company. They paid me over $7,000 and I was able to make the repairs with no money from my own pocket. Thank you many times over for your professional handling of my loss.

Sewell, NJ

I was looking for a carpenter to make some repairs to my home when I came across an ad for public adjusters. Curious as to what they did I made the call.  After a short conversation, I invited a representative to visit my home and look over some damages I had. While the damages were not covered by my insurance I learned that a repair I made several months prior as a result of a water overflow was covered by insurance. I received over $5,000 from my insurance company for replacing my heater. How lucky I stumbled upon that ad.

John D.
Oaklyn, NJ

Prompt, courteous, reliable, and no effort on my part! These guys handled the entire claim from beginning to end. I just cashed the check. Thank you many times over.

Ann Z.
Elizabeth, NJ

We promise to exceed your expectations. We will obtain a settlement for you
that far exceeds what you can get on your own. We promise.

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