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Public Adjuster Services

Policy Review


We will conduct a free policy review to make sure you have the proper coverage for your home or business. Many people carry excess coverage or not enough coverage at all. Either problem is just as serious. You may be paying too much for your insurance or not have enough coverage in case of a loss.  We make sure your coverage is just right. Along with the policy review we will conduct a complete home inspection and make recommendations that will protect your assets from potential perils. Our inspections are thorough and always FREE. Just call to schedule.

Claim Determination


Should you have a claim we will determine your coverage and limitations and make sure policy conditions are met. Should you fail to meet all policy conditions your claim could be denied. We make sure that doesn't happen. In the event your home cannot be occupied we will assist you with relocating to a temporary residence. We will make a clear determination if you have a claim and should pursue it. Did you know that if you report a claim to an insurance company and it turns out not to be a viable claim they still count that toward you as a reported claim. Let us determine if you have a claim and report it for you.

Claim Preparation


We provide a full analysis of your loss which includes photos of damaged areas, measurement and cost estimates of damaged property, detailed listing and description of personal property lost or damaged.  We then provide complete cost estimates to your Insurance Company which also includes the required proof of loss statement. Damage estimates include the quantity, description and replacement cost value of the loss. We do not go for less expensive repairs and appearance allowances as the Insurance Company prefers. We use a realistic contractors view of making repairs.  

Loss of Use


Some claims cause considerable financial loss to clients including loss of business use of a property, loss of income, loss of rental income, etc.  With extensive accounting background and experience we provide our clients with detailed analysis of business and income records to identify the extent of your loss as a result of your claim. We present this to your insurance company to ensure you recover all covered losses that you are entitled too. Most companies fall short of providing this type of business service. We at TJM Consulting are expert at this.

Remediation Services


There are many ways to meet policy conditions. One of the critical ways is to ensure that property damaged from a covered peril is protected from further loss. In that regard we will make sure that damaged leaking roofs are covered properly by using a tarp.  We provide the contractors to get this done. Water damaged property must be immediately remediated. To that end we make sure that you have immediate access to a remediation company. We recommend the following company:

Remediation Pros, LLC



Claim Presentation


We present the claim to the insurance company, handle all telephone calls, meet with adjusters, write letters, and obtain experts as needed to support the claim. Should a dispute occur relating to your claim we represent you and your interests until an agreed upon solution can be met. Should we not attain a reasonable solution we then proceed to the appriasal process wherein we demand review by independent contractors. In the end we are your representative and we make sure you get paid what you are entitled to receive.

TJM Consulting, LLC

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