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TJM Consulting, LLC is a public adjusting firm that is an advocate  for your rights, the property owner. Our primary purpose is to assist you the homeowner, business owner, commercial property owner in navigating through the complicated process of settling your property loss claim. We aim to get you the best settlement for your damage that will enable you to restore your property to it's original condition.  To accomplish that we employ the most experienced adjusters that are expert in their field.

After all, the insurance companies employ professionals to represent
their interests. Shouldn't you?


 We handle every detail of your claim, working closely with the insured to provide the most equitable and  prompt settlement possible.  As Public Adjusters we inspect the loss site immediately, analyze the damages, assemble claim support data, review the
 insured's coverage, determine current replacement costs and exclusively serve the client, not the insurance company.

 We can be the difference between you being paid properly and fully or not being paid at all. We often get our clients paid in excess of 60% of what insurance companies settle your claim for. We remain with you our client until the claim is finalized.  Let us make the  difference. Call us today. Let our Public Adjusters be  your advocate today.


Frank LaMorte - President/CEO

My background and experience prepared me to uniquely represent my clients in settling their insurance claims. With extensive experience as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer I was responsible for complicated investigations, building teams, dealing with people from all walks of life. As an executive in the private sector I handled major contract negotiations, budgets, vulnerability assessments, risk management, and much more. I have a masters in organizational dynamics and organizational management. Who do you want to represent you? Someone just starting out in this field or someone with the unique qualifications and experience to ensure you receive the very best settlement of your claim. If you want to learn more about me please ask.


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