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Public Adjuster FAQ

TJM Consluting, LLC

Why do I need a public adjuster? Doesn't my insurance company represent me?

Your insurance company will utilize the services of an experienced claims adjuster to meet with you and attempt to negotiate a reduced claims settlement.  Your insurance company may employ any of the following professionals to undervalue your loss.:  general contractors; engineers; accountants; inventory specialists; fraud investigators and lawyers. Their goal is to  either deny coverage or  reduce your claims settlement.
The very same company that is suppose to work for you will work against you to make sure they make minimum settlement on your claim. The one way to ensure you are receiving a fair claims settlement in accordance with your policy terms is to hire a public adjuster. This person represents you and not the insurance company.


What if I already filed a claim or if my claim has already been settled?

No problem we can still represent you. Public adjusters can reopen a claim up to one year after settlement by you . We can always represent you on an existing claim as well. It is best to get us involved as soon as possible as when representing yourself you may do or say something that will enable the insurance company to deny or reduce your claim settlement. Don't hesitate call right away.


How do public adjusters get paid?

Like all public adjusters we work for a percentage of your settlement.  We require no up front fees and we get paid from the claims settlement after you get paid. If you don't get paid we don't get paid. It is really that simple!  We are confident that our involvement will more than cover our fees and will leave you with more money than you would have received on your own. We guarantee it!


What type of claims are covered under a typical insurance policy?

Fire and lightning, smoke, windstorm, hail, water damage, explosion, falling objects, broken pipes and resulting damage, rain water, shingles, damaged siding, accidental discharge or overflow of water, weight of snow ice or sleet, theft, vandalism, sudden or accidental damage from surge in electrical current, all risk of direct physical loss that is specifically not excluded in the policy.


We promise to exceed your expectations. We will obtain a settlement for you
that far exceeds what you can get on your own. We promise.

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