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Flood claims

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broken water pipe claim
broken water pipe claim

Flood claims are not covered by a homeowners insurance policy but is covered under a special policy provided by private carriers associated with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Under the NFIP flood is the overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines, especially over what is normally dry land. A flood can stem from heavy rains, an overflowing of a

body of water, thawing snow, flash flooding, and hurricane storm surges. In order to be covered for flood claims you must have a flood policy under the NFIP. Flood claims are very different than typical homeowners claims and are limited in coverage. Here is where you public adjuster is most useful. You really need to understand your rights and what you must do when it comes to flood policies. For example, if you have a flood loss to your insured property you must be very mindful that you only have 60 days to file your proof of loss or your claim will be denied. This places undue pressure on the property owner to get all their claim material together within 60 days or risk being denied your flood claim. A public adjuster can guide you through the claims process and help expedite all the materials to make sure you are compliant with the 60 day proof of loss requirement.


Should you have a flood, one of the very first things you will do is hire a water remediation company to deal with the flood damage. Be mindful that there are very different rules followed by the National Flood Insurance Program as to what they will pay. You may be stuck with a remediation company bill that far exceeds what will be paid by your policy. To see these guidelines as to what FEMA will pay for the dryout click here on FEMA Structual Drying Guidelines. We at TJM Consulting use a remediation company that works within the rules of your flood policy giving you the very best service at no out of pocket cost to you.  We will handle your entire claim making sure you are compliant with NFIP rules and submissions of materials are within the guidelines.


Estimating flood losses is also a challange to most adjusters unless they were specifically trained in this process. What is covered by homeowners insurance hardly applies to flood losses and you must be knowledgable of the coverages and limitations of flood policies. The best way to maximize what you can get out of a flood claim is to know what is allowed and what is not. We will maximize your claim and make sure you receive every dollar you are entitled to get.


When you experience a flood you should never go it alone. Hire the experts that have handled hundreds of flood claims in the past. Contact TJM Consulting, LLC public adjusters and we will make sure you are made whole.


Here is what TJM Consulting will do:


  • Full analysis of your insurance policy and the type of coverage you have.  What is covered and what are the exclusions.

  • Make sure all policy requirements are met. You are required to make sure further damage is not encountered by the peril.  Provide necessary contractors, remediation company, plumbers, electricians, etc. to make sure your property is safe and meeting policy requirements.

  • We conduct a complete scope of building damage and provide a complete detailed estimate.

  • We conduct a complete review of your personal property and prepare a statement of loss for your flood policy.

  • We report your claim and followup with flood adjusters, in writing, orally, and through various site visits and meetings.

  • We meet with insurance company adjusters to identify and document the scope of physical and personal property damages.

  • We prepare a complete detailed report identifying the full scope of your loss and present to the insurance company.

  • We will request advances on your coverage to absorb costs encountered while getting your building in order.

  • We will negotiate a final settlement of your claim and only accept it upon your approval.


The insurance process on flood claims can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate and must be done within specific guidelines of the NFIP. We will make sure that your loss is fully identified to make sure you get every dollar you are entitled too within the guidelines of NFIP.  A  public adjuster can make all the difference in restoring your building and assets in a timely fashion and returning your life back to normal as soon as possible.


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